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Wealth Builders Global - Southern California

Breakthrough blockchain technology meets one of the most powerful income opportunities this world has ever seen!

About Us

Have you been looking for a better way?

Our mission at Wealth Builders Global is to provide individuals worldwide with the tools required to enhance their lives, achieve their dreams and build massive wealth. We are salespeople. We are a sales team. We do not sell products, goods or services. We sell people on the infinite possibilities of their lives and the power of their dreams. We sell people on never giving up. We believe this is a noble cause.

Warren Buffet said, "Unless you find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die!" Today, because of this more than 190 billion dollars a year industry, many are making their dreams of freedom a reality. People all over the world are sharing the power of this phenomenal career option with those who are looking for a better way.

There is no industry quite like "Network Marketing". It levels the playing field. It gives the typical individual an opportunity to build a business from home and take advantage of tax benefits like a corporation. No other industry is more likely to create passive residual income, which allows you the freedom you desire and deserve.

The key to building wealth is having a money system. That's why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The videos below show some of what wealthy people know that the poor and middle class don't.

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One Blockchain
One Ecosystem


G999 is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that aims to become sound global money with fast payments, micro fees, a new generation of communication, and high transaction capacity.

In the same way as physical money, G999 payments are sent directly from one person to another. Wallet to wallet.

G999 combines gold-like scarcity with the spendable nature of cash. As a permissionless, decentralized cryptocurrency, G999 requires no trusted third parties and no central bank. Unlike traditional fiat money, G999 does not depend on monetary middlemen such as banks and payment processors.

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Gold Standard Partners

It's a Time of Uncertainty and Crises, but also a Time of New Beginnings and Great Opportunity. ​


We Invite You to Step Forward with Gold Standard Partners into a New Era of Economic Expansion.​


Discover How You can Profit in Blockchain Technology, Crypto Currency and Decentralized Communication.


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Why Wealth Builders Global?

One’s ‘wealth-being’ and overall ‘wellbeing’ are vital in this 21st century global context! Now, as a veterinarian-minister businesswoman, ‘Indigenous Sustainable Blockchain Agripreneur’, I actively participate in a “wealth education ministry” that teaches wealth principles as abundance, prosperity, and plentitude! Wealth Builders Global (WBG) 'university' has had me on a learning curve for eight years.


Not only is this a quest enriching my ‘self-sovereign wealth-being’, but also my overall wellbeing, with both spiritual and personal development, thanks to WGB!



“Mother Earth Reverence Farms founder, Rev. Dr. Denise Elizabeth Hall, kicked-off 2022 with her AgriBusiness World Tour, with the aim of developing more sustainable community projects such as those begun in Southern California and Kenya and focusing the big three of FOOD, FINANCE and SHELTER. 2023 saw the progression towards aligning further with South American NGO´s and sustainably focused people and companies such as Andrea Vegas, President of the NGO, Chacras Foundation and Raymond E. Lee Carmichael, co-partner of sustainable tourism company Biking Buenos Aires.”

Raymond Carmichael, GSPartners

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