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Indigenous Sustainable
Blockchain Agribusiness

Unparalleled, unprecedented, and unbridled corporate partners provide alignment for the emancipation of the peoples' global majority for ‘Self-Sovereign Stewardship: Sustainable Hemp-based Agribusinesses.
May it be so! 

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Sustainable Food

Doc D's Story Narrative

Becoming a hempster has been one of the greatest joys of my life! From the Latin categorization, CANNABIS, is one of the most benevolent plants on this planet! How did I come to know this?

Well, through my own experience as I was recovering from an allogeneic bone marrow stem cell transplant.


At the time, I found myself on over 20 pharmaceuticals, having gained over 50 pounds, and bald! A few of the pharmaceuticals were called immunosuppressive drugs. 


Within a year, I began asking the Anschutz medical team, in particular the senior doctor and Director of the Cancer Center, how does one improve one’s immune system when it’s being intentionally suppressed all the time? The room went mute.


Western medicine has few or no solution, for this obvious ‘elephant in the room’ matter!


A family member shared, while appreciating the hospitality shown post- transplant.


She offered some edible CBD brownies. Folks, these brownies were so nasty! I just could not eat them.


Basically, as it was, I left them on the side table, and thought to make another attempt later that day.


Needless to say, they disappeared when I came to go again with my taste buds. Guess what? These brownies were no where to be found? Then, I thought to myself, who could have felt ease in grabbing these edibles? 


No upright, two-legged Homo sapiens would even have thought to take and ingest the brownies. I thought, there’s a furry creature, little family dog named Ladybug 🐞 Ladybug was notorious for pica. She stole both edible and non-edible product items. OMG 😱 


She ate them brownies! I never saw plastic I never saw crumbs nothing with those brownies disappeared! Ladybug and I survived. Then, I thrived with CBD extract tincture from then untill now.


With deep passion, these many years later, both industrial and medicinal cannabis is on the menu. Globally, both industrial and medicinal cannabis are on our radar, especially when it comes to ‘Research, Education, and Development’ (RED). 


Mother Earth Reverence Farms & Ministries (MERF) is like many others who became cofounding members of the HIA’s California Chapter. For this, and many other hempster and sustainable agriculture energies (e.g. blockchain technology) we are in alignment!


On many levels, in particular, the financial economic realms, ‘Hempsters’ must transition into a decentralized banking system. PERIOD, FULL STOP! Private, secure, accessible.


Thus, as I return to the continent, Motherland Southern Africa after 30 years, I am reminded about the significance of ‘Creative Covenantal Beloved Community’ and UBUNTU USA. 


We have business vision alignment with corporate partners that serve Wealth Builders Global of Southern California. At MERF, we’re going to do our part, as best we can to share democratized market access via decentralized blockchain technology essential in the 21st century global context.


Corporate partners provide a vehicle platform known as a metaverse ecosystem, by which businesses and various entities and individuals may participate, peer-to-peer, with no intermediaries. 


Unparalleled, unprecedented, and unbridled, these corporate partners are dedicated and devoted to the peoples' of global majority! May it be so! 

One acre of hemp (grown in a single season) yields as much paper as up to four acres of trees.

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