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Rev. Dr. Denise Elizabeth Hall

Doctor of Wholistic Veterinary Medicine, Minister / Spiritual Director, Sustainable Blockchain Hemp Agripreneur, Kiko Meat Goat Rancher and GSPartners Network / Netweave Marketer

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My Story Narrative

Well, this part of the journey began thirty years ago. After completing my doctorate of veterinary medicine (DVM) at Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine (TUCVM),  I was selected by Tuskegee’s International Affairs and alma mater, TUCVM to fulfill residency at the University of Zimbabwe, Clinical Veterinary Sciences Department.


Traveling to Southern Africa now, in 2023, is exactly thirty years ago. This passage of decades is a stark reminder of how time flies, when one is being ‘funfilled’- fun mixed with fulfillment!


Apartheid legally reigned, as I noticed the military carrying AK-47, at the border, upon entering South Africa, on chartered bus, from the north. 


Racialized legal separation holds much of USA chronicles, where the residual vestiges of chattel slavery continue like a deep festering boil on our collective buttocks!


This “Countdown to Cape Town” is a home going, in many ways! This phenomenal continent is humanity’s home. Thirty years ago, I recall weeping when the pilot announced that we were flying over ‘THE MOTHERLAND’! 


To my knowledge. I am the first USA generation returning to our Africana ancestral home, the continent of Africa, since the TransAtlantic Slave Trade from paternal side.


The International Foundation for Education & Self-Help (IFESH), 

Rev. Leon Sullivan’s brain child, came out of the African/African American Summit, along with other ventures employed by members of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s circle of African American ministers post-Civil Rights Freedom Era!


Now, I have expanded myself, even more, to embrace Madam CJ Walker’s brainchild, Network Marketing,  conversational selling.

You will see a depiction of me here where my recovery from a 2009 life-threatening episode’s prognosis was 30-days!


Thanks be to I AM THAT I AM, allogeneic bone stem cell donor, Anchutz medical team (led by Dr. Han Myint) and ‘Creative Covenantal Beloved Community’ composed of family, congregation, and many other loved ones, I’M STILL HERE!


WealthBuilders Global (WBG) entered my life as I was recovering and revisiting what it means to be a wholistic integrative veterinarian doctor. 

I was seeking a better way to engage current and future clients, and cultivate business to business relationships.


What does it take to be a better businesswoman and secure wealth legacy?


Interestingly, neither the study of veterinary medicine or theology, prepared me to be ‘Self-Sovereign’. In other words, being completely self reliant is absolutely necessary to engage this phenomenal twenty-first century world! 


Do I pay myself first? Do I know about money or our fiat currency US dollar?


One’s ‘wealth-being’ and overall ‘wellbeing’ are vital in this 21st century global context! Now, as a veterinarian-minister businesswoman, ‘Indigenous Sustainable Blockchain Agripreneur’, I actively participate in a “wealth education ministry” that teaches wealth principles as abundance, prosperity, and plentitude! Wealth Builders Global (WBG) 'university' has had me on a learning curve for eight years.


Not only is this a quest enriching my ‘self-sovereign wealth-being’, but also my overall wellbeing, with both spiritual and personal development, thanks to WGB!


All aboard! Let’s GROW!


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